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Answers to all your burning questions.
How do I get replacement parts?show
Replacement cables are available for $5.99 (TOTAL, SHIPPED RIGHT INTO YOUR


Can I use an OT product to talk on the phone?show
Yes. You may make and receive calls with the wireless tags, and the DJ Slims when they are

hooked up to your cellphone. The turtle shell can be your own personal speakerphone.

Can I still use my iPhone with the waterproof case on?show
Yes. Well, sort of. Our iPhone case is not exactly a daily case: it is designed for days in the

backcountry, the snow or the water, when the last thing that should be on your mind is

keeping your phone dry. You will maintain the use of all of your touchscreen functions, your

home button, and your top button. You lose the charger port and the 3.5 mm jack, the latter

of which is easily solved with some Slims or Bluetooth tags.

What is the range of Outdoor Technology products?show
OT products have a universal range of about 30 feet, mostly so you can climb trees listening

to The Jungle Book Soundtrack and leave your phone safe and sound at the bottom.

What is the battery life of OT products?show
Will I ever need to replace the batteries? How do I do that? The battery life is a little

different for different stuff: DJ Slims: 8-9 hours. Tags: 5-6 hours. Turtle shell: 10-11 hours.

Batteries come with a one year warranty. They are rechargeable lithium ion. They are not

replaceable. Or edible.

Are your products waterproof/sweatproof?show
Our products vary in the level of water resistance. You should check out the product's page for that specific product's water resistance level.
Will your products work with an ipod classic?show
Nope.  We can still send you headphones, but if your device doesn't have Bluetooth it is up

to your imagination after that.  Yes, you will still look cool, so it might be worth it.  You could

also get a Bluetooth ipod transmitter, like this one: BLUETOOTH TRANSMITTER

What is the difference between the Yowie and the Arctic Yowie?show
One will keep you warm. The other will keep you warmer. In more technical terms, the

Arctic Yowie has a fleece extender for that extra warm and cuddly feeling.