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Amado Stachenfeld
Weapon of Choice: Mountain Bike
Hometown: Bay Area, CA

Amado Stachenfeld is an outdoorsman and purveyor of fun with a heavy

background in Downhill Mountain bikes. Growing up in Richmond,

California, living throughout Northern California, British Columbia,

New York City and currently Traveling from Los Angeles he has been

lucky enough to travel the world with his bike and commercial film

work which have brought an appreciation to every waking moment and

broad walks of life. Mountain Bikes have always been a huge part of

life but no season can be left unattended. Whether it be feet of fresh

snow, strong swell or Steelhead in the northern rivers, the right

vessel must be chosen. His time spent in NYC and LA have given him the

opportunity to further his career in film and photo and adding more

creative outlets.