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Kyle Smaine
Weapon of Choice: Ski
Hometown: South Lake Tahoe, CA

23 from South Lake Tahoe, CA

I ski because it gives me a way to escape from life's stresses.  It also allows me to express myself creatively and physically.

My biggest influences in skiing are guys like Daron Rahlves and Joss Christensen and anyone who skis everyday for the pure love of the sport and wanting to share the fun with everyone around them.  

The biggest influence in my life is my dad. He has always been very supportive and open minded in any of my endeavors. He also has taught me me how important it is to have a balanced life.  And by balance I mean have the most fun possible while managing to keep up with the things that must get done.

My favorite ODT product is the turtle shell 2.0.  I love being able to jam out with some friends and never have to worry about the speaker getting beat up or broken.