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info@outdoortech.com • 310-677-0190
Cody Shepherd
Weapon of Choice: Snowboard
Hometown: Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada

I've lived and boarded on both sides of Canada. My hometown is Cold Lake, AB, where our chairlift run is as big as the tow rope on your local bunny hill. I've lived in Ottawa, ON for my teenage years, where I got exposed to contests and a more progressive side of snowboarding. From there I really started to focus my time and attention on the sport and it became a strong passion of mine, so I moved to Whistler in September 2010 after graduating high school.

This past winter ended up being my most accomplished winter yet. At 19 years old I was invited on my first rail trip to film with Voleurz for their newest film, which is also the first film I've ever been in. I also broke the ice on double corks, learning 2 different variations of them (front and back 1080's). I got my first major sponsorship with Ride Snowboards over the summer, so I'm really stoked on the progression I've made and the positive feedback that I'm getting.  Stoked for OT 2013!