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Luke Gonty
Weapon of Choice: Snowboard
Hometown: Virden, Canada

My name is Luke Gonty.  I'm 18 years old and a snowboarder from Virden, Canada. I've been snowboarding for 10 years, and have enjoyed every second I've gotten to spend in the snow since then. Since I was 12 I knew I wanted to be in the snow any chance I could get, and so far that's pretty much how it's been: early mornings driving to the resort and late nights trying to get the shot, but most importantly having fun 100% of the time. I spend my summers with my friends either on a boat, in the water, on a boat in the water, or fishing. I don't take anything too seriously, so my apologies if this isn't the bio you were expecting to read. If there's one thing I want everyone to know about me, it's that I embrace stereotypes about being from Canada. If everyone thinks I live in an igloo with a pet reindeer, a hockey stick and a flannel jacket, I'll be the happiest man alive. Thanks for reading about me, oh, and my choice riding terrain is backcountry.