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Sean Busby
Weapon of Choice: Snowboard
Sean Busby is a professional snowboarder with type-1 diabetes who travels the world exploring remote mountains on snowboarding expeditions. In 2004, while training for the 2010 Olympics, Sean endured a complicated diagnosis of type 1 diabetes. Considering leaving snowboarding altogether, Sean was inspired by reading stories of 5- 7- and 13-year-olds living with the disease.  He decided to keep living his dreams.  Sean founded Riding On Insulin—which is now a nonprofit organization—to honor all the kids who inspired him to keep doing what he does best. Today, Sean and his wife, Mollie, run Riding On Insulin all around the world, hosting ski and snowboard camps for kids living with diabetes. Sean also continues his expeditions through his mountain guiding business, Powder Lines. Recent expeditions include trips to Antarctica, Patagonia, Iceland, and Tasmania, and upcoming trips to Canada, Greenland and Nepal are in the works. Sean graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in Health Promotion and Education, with an emphasis on diabetes.