Answers to all your burning questions.

Replacement cables are available for $5.99 (TOTAL, SHIPPED RIGHT INTO YOUR


Yes. All of our audio products have a built in microphone. Our power products don't have a microphone because that just doesn't make sense.

OT products have a universal range of about 30 feet, mostly so you can climb trees listening

to The Jungle Book Soundtrack and leave your phone safe and sound at the bottom.

One will keep you warm. The other will keep you warmer.
In more technical terms, the Arctic Yowie has a fleece extender for that extra warm and cuddly feeling.

Any device with Bluetooth technology. For more info on Bluetooth, check this out:


Pimpin’ ain’t easy. You can’t send signals to two turtle shells, or two pairs of headphones, or one turtle shell and one pair of headphones, or seven turtle shells at once from one device.


We have distributors throughout the globe. You may want to try the dealer locator to find our stuff.

Depends where you are. Typically, we ship orders within 24-48 business hours upon receipt.

You will get it based mostly on the method you choose, where you are relative to

Los Angeles, and karma.

We offer a 30-day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee. If you do not like your new stuff for whatever reason we will refund it in full, as long as you bought it from us (purchased it through our webpage). We also have a one-year warranty against defects.

Yes, you can.

That one may be up to you, my friend. But hey. Here's to you... to the sun in your face and

the wind in your sails.