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The Big Turtle Shell® - Wireless Speaker

The Big Turtle Shell® is the greatest wireless speaker ever created. A water resistant, dust proof, and shock proof Bluetooth speaker ready to go wherever you go.

Price: $229.95


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total sonic freedom

Your idea of what a wireless speaker can be just got blasted. We created a new portable rugged, water resistant Bluetooth speaker called the Big Turtle Shell® with huge sound unlike any other. It's massive sound can fill any room, or outside space while doubling as a power bank for your other devices. The Big Turtle Shell® Bluetooth speaker gives you the best wireless audio experience in any setting; from the beach to the pool party, the campfire to the backyard BBQ, The Big Turtle Shell® can handle it all with style and ease.



Bluetooth Speaker Features



Bluetooth, aptX... Whatever, it's a Wireless Speaker.

The Big Turtle Shell® provides a full wireless audio experience. Using Bluetooth 4.0 technology and the resident aptX audio codec, the Big Turtle wirelessly connects with your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or any other Bluetooth-enabled device to bring you 110 decibels of crystal clear auditory bliss over a range of over 32 feet. Control the universe with the external controls on the side to easily adjust volume, change tracks, play/pause, take a phone call or launch Siri. On top of that, the Big Turtle Shell® has voice prompts so you know exactly what it is doing and thinking. Just don’t ask it on a date. The BTS just wants to stay friends okay? #friendzoned



Big Turtle Shell Wireless Speaker Buttons

Power Button Power

Multifunction Button Multifunction Button (MFB)

  • Press once to Play/Pause OR Answer/Hang up.

Volume and Track Button Volume/Track Control

  • Raise volume by pressing >>.
  • Lower volume by pressing <<.<
  • Skip forward by holding >> for 2 seconds.
  • Skip backward by holding << for 2 seconds.



Water Resistant Wireless Speaker



Wait, so It's Water Resistant Too?

This can be your "everything" speaker. The same great water and dust resistance as the original Turtle Shell® - IPX-5 - means that you can take the Big Turtle Shell® wireless speaker everywhere without having to worry about it getting ruined by the elements.



Big Turtle Shell Bluetooth Speaker Audio Input and Output




Audio Ports 3.5mm Audio Input/Output

  • No Bluetooth? The Big Turtle Shell® also connects via 3.5mm strereo input.
  • Play audio from any device with a headphone jack or audio output.



1.21 Gigawatts? No, its 7800 Milliamps.

7800 milliamps of battery power (more than 3x that of the leading big Bluetooth boombox) gives our wireless speaker a full 16 hours of play time (also 325 hours of standby). Using its outbound USB port, the battery gives the BTS the capability as power bank to charge external devices. It will charge your iPhone four (4) times, your Samsung Galaxy three (3) times and your power thirsty GoPro six (6) times!




Charge Port Charge Port


USB 2.0 Port USB 2.0 Port


Built in Microphone Built in Microphone

Big Turtle Shell Speaker Power, USB, and Built in Microphone



There is Actually a Whole Lot More.

We could keep adding pictures and writing text that shows you how rad the Big Turtle Shell® is but you are probably tired of reading at this point. So maybe you should just watch the video below. Let Frank explain all the features.





Details, Details, Details

- Connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device with easy one-touch pairing.


- Rechargeable lithium-ion battery.


- IPX5 dust-proof and water-resistant..


- Built-in microphone.


- Rugged, minimal design..


- Twin grab handles built into the base for easy transport and limitless hanging/strapping options.


- 3.5mm audio-in port.


- 3.5mm audio-out port that allows you to play two Big Turtle Shells off of one device.


- Reconnects automatically to previously paired device..


- NFC for easy pairing..


- Powerful battery power bank with USB out.


- Bluetooth 4.0.


- Voice prompts.


- WIRELESS RANGE: 32 feet.



Big Turtle Shell Manual Here's the Big Turtle Shell manual


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