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Jason Arens
Weapon of Choice: Ski
Hometown: Tahoe
From the man himself:  My name is Jason Arens. I have lived in Tahoe most of my life, and run South Lake like it's my day job...scratch that...night job. I have skied for about 21 years and 9 months, but I'm only 21!  I've been getting next level since the womb. I moved to San Diego on my own when I was 14 to start a new life with my "lover" at the time Marcy (13) and work at a saw mill in the area. I shortly realized that my life was going downhill and had a slight break down in my driveway, which resulted in the first time i went to jail. I moved back up to Tahoe when my heart was broken. Living with my parents, I started getting in the game with freestyle skiing. I completed my first 'trick' at Sierra at Tahoe when I was 15.  It was a dub 10 mute, and shortly after I realized that was not the way I wanted to see skiing go.  I vowed to never try and innovate the sport of freeskiing again. The next 6 years of my life are in no way, shape, or form interesting.  With that said, I will skip to current times where i ride for Surface, Causwell, Joystick, Bolle', Tall Treez, Boreal, Pow, and of course... Outdoor Technology. I am currently enrolled in BMS (Blue Mountain State), yes there is a TV show on it, and am majoring in Women Studies. I plan on continuing my career in skiing ..... :)