Brett Sube
Weapon of Choice: Skate
Home Town: Sacramento, CA
Weapon of Choice: Skate
Home Town: Sacramento, CA

My Name is Brett Sube. Im 25 years old, From Sacramento, Ca. My other sponsors are DTA/Rogue Status, Autobahn Wheels, Skate Sauce, Gracias, Footprint Insoles, Quintin Co.  When i'm skating I get hyped to skate with the homies and just try to have fun every time i step on my board. when i'm not skating, i'm either drinking a beer, shooting photos, filming, fishing, painting/drawing or chillin with my dog Mr. Hendrix.  "Happy Skateboarding! Peace!"

When did you start skating?

A long time ago! Haha

Why do you skateboard?

My uncle is a Pro skater (Christian Hosoi) he got me into it! 

Who are your biggest influences in skateboarding?

Christian Hosoi

Who is your biggest life influence?

Life Influenced me!

What is your favorite ODT product? 

It depends... If I'm with my buddy's the Big Turtleshell. If I'm Chillin or traveling the Privets. Or if your in tragic need for some juice for the phone or whatever gotta have the Kodiak Power Bank.

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