Alex Hackel

I am 23 years old, From Boston, MA, Grew up skiing at Sunday River ME, Started out skiing as a weekend warrior from the city and ended up falling in love with park skiing due to the amazing community of people I meet skiing the park and the awesome sense of freedom that it gave me. I was/ am an absolute nerd especially when I was younger I could not consume enough skiing I would watch everything and dream about doing it myself. This set the foundation for me wanting to make film parts myself. Before that could happen I had a big stint of skiing competitions and was a member of the US National team for 3 years competing in slopestyle. During this period I also got in touch the HG Skis guys and started filming what would become "Eat The Guts" a two year street film. So whenever I was not doing a competition I was skiing street trying to put out the best possible part what would be my first real film part. After "Eat the Guts" Came out i finally had the guts to stop comp skiing and fully go with making films. This set the grounds to link up with The Bunch Crew and we filmed "COLOR" which dropped last march and "ELNOUR" which is coming out this fall.