Braden Dean

Braden Dean is a professional snowboarder, BASE jumper, and adventure athlete from Whistler/Squamish BC.

Over the last decade Braden has appeared on the cover and in the pages of several snowboard publications and shot video parts for several snowboard movies including.

  • The Search is Everything - Ripcurl
  • Kill Your Boredom - Voleurz
  • Alive and Kickin' - Ripcurl
  • That's Fine - Voleurz
  • Look on the Bright Side - Voleurz
  • Outdoor Graduation - Voleurz
  • Outdoor Education - Voleurz

In addition to working as a snowboard athlete, Braden is also a producer, filmer and director on Winging It an EdgeTV series that follows Braden Dean and Suz Graham on their wingsuit BASE jumping adventures around the globe.