USB Car Charger

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Not your average gas station car charger. With dual USB ports and LED rim lights, this fancy lad can and probably will blow your mind.


Quite possibly, the greatest automobile accessory since the advent of the seatbelt. The USB Car Charger from Outdoor Tech will power your devices via it’s glorious USB ports.

Not everyone has a car with built-in USB ports, some of us are still driving a 1988 Volvo. Hey, it gets me from point A to point B. Well, as long as those points aren’t too far away from each other and it’s not too hot because my A/C doesn’t work. One things for sure though, my phone will be charged because I picked up the USB Car Charger.

If I had friends, they could charge their phones too because the USB Car Charger has 2 USB ports. Luckily man’s best friend doesn’t have a phone yet, so both of those USB charging ports are mine.

The super amazing LED rim light lets me know that I have some solid power. The light also has a calming effect and brings my chi to center.

You too can benefit from the amazing powers of the USB Car Charger. Grab one for yourself or anyone in your life that needs to boost their chi.

  • USB Output 1: -5V/2.1A
  • USB Output 2: -5V/1.1A
  • LED Rim Light up front