Kodiak Mini

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The Kodiak Mini is a portable rechargeable battery with a 2600 mAh capacity. Perfect for when you need some emergency power, like a pop-up shop with multiple Instagram selfie opportunities.


Outdoor Tech®'s Kodiak Mini is the super pocket portable rugged power bank built for any environment. Shock, dust, and water resistant, it is tough enough to match your lifestyle and portable enough not to hold you down. With the Kodiak Mini, your options are limitless, you won't be retrained by your phone's limited battery life or a large bulky power source. Stop regulating yourself, be free with the Mini.

Your Typical Day

If your days consist of going from your bed, to your car, to your desk and again backwards, well, you probably have a fully charged phone at all times and a Dr.'s note to get out of the house more. If you're a little more like us and life is a constant adventure of travel, work, and play; you're always struggling to keep your phone out of the red and your GoPro® ready for action. The solution; The Kodiak Mini, it will give you one entire charge on your phone and over two full charges on your GoPro®, all in something about the size of a roll of quarters, bam!

Shock, Dust, and Water Resistant

If you are looking for the ultra super pocket portable power bank that will ride with your action-packed lifestyle, we're pretty sure The Kodiak Mini can hang. Kodiak bears are known for their thick skin, and our Kodiak is no different, its shock-absorbing silicone armor protects it against impacts, and with the cap closed, the Kodiak Mini becomes a rain and splash resistant beast. So go ahead, feel free to toss it in your beach bag with a wet towel or have it in the mesh pocket of your backpack in the rain, we can take it.

Pocket Portable

When you head out for the night and don't want to bring your satchél or ask your girlfriend to hold your stuff in her purse, the Kodiak Mini has your back. Small enough to fit in any pocket without noticing it's there, the Mini is exactly what we thought it was, pretty darn small. Weighing in at 3.104 ounces and about the size of a roll of quarters, you're more likely to be held back by courage than bulk or weight.

Packs a Powerful Punch

Don't let the Kodiak Mini's size fool you; this bad mama-jama packs a serious punch. With 2600mAh of rechargeable lithium-ion battery power, it will charge most phones more than once fully, your GoPro® and Vape Pen more than twice, and your TUI Headphones a whole bunch of times. toting around this much power so easily.


- Rechargeable 2600 mAh lithium-ion battery charges your smartphone more than once fully

- Super portable and lightweight making it the perfect travel accessory for your power hungry life

- Universal USB port with 1.0 amp output charges most all of your small electronics, from your GoPro® to your smartphone

- Indicator LED informs you when it is actively charging

- Ships with the battery charged so you can juice up right out of the box

- Shock, dust, and water resistant allowing you to bring it wherever your active lifestyle takes you

- WEIGHT: 3.104 ounces

- SIZE: 3 x 1.25 x 4 inches