USB Wall Charger

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It’s time to upgrade from the cheap charger that came with your phone. Grab our USB Wall Charger and use the Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 USB port to charge your phone and devices 4X faster (devices that support quick charging). We also threw in a USB C port for all you early adopters.

Many have attempted to understand power but few have been able to truly grasp it’s potential. Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla have led Outdoor Tech down the path to enlightenment. After many late nights, early mornings, and watching reruns of Gilligan’s Island we had a breakthrough. Behold, the Wall Charger by Outdoor Tech. A marvel of electronic insanity that they (the professor and Mary Ann) said couldn’t and shouldn’t be done. We did it anyway.

It’s All About Speed - Qualcomm Quick charge 3.0

Waiting for your phone, GoPro, tablet, or portable cappuccino maker to charge is no fun. So, when it came time to design our very own wall charger, we did so with quick charging in mind. Our wall charger can bring life to your device up to 4X faster than a standard charger.

New Port, Who Dis? - USB-C

You are awesome yes, we all know that but why are you on that old stuff? You need to catch up with us. We have that USB-C port on the Wall Charger to help. Now you can get a new phone or a new laptop and charge up without the need for a bunch of clunky, ugly adapters.

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