Ollee Ultra Mini Smart Cloud PC

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Featuring Windows 10 Pro and Intel HD Graphics 500 (4 GB DDR3L/32 GB eMMC). This little PC is the raddest little data-cruncher you never knew you needed.

Ollee - Ultra Mini Range Smart Cloud PC

Featuring Windows 10 Pro and Intel HD Graphics 500 (4 GB DDR3L/32 GB eMMC

Compact and Functional

The Ultra Mini PC combines all of the processing power of a full-sized PC into a compact and convenient size. Measuring just over 6.5 inches on the longest side, this PC doesn't sacrifice functionality.

Intel Inside

Designed with Intel’s 7th Generation Celeron (2.4Ghz) processor featuring HD Graphics 500 the Ultra Mini PC is ideal for every type of user. Whether you're working or playing, this computer does it all.

Comes with Windows Pro

Windows 10 Pro offers sophisticated connectivity and privacy tools. This, along with Intel’s deep learning inference acceleration, make the Ultra Mini PC the ideal edge device for Cloud, IoT and Ai applications.

Three Separate Displays

The Ultra Mini PC can support three displays simultaneously. Two displays are supported directly via the HDMI (4K UHD) and VGA (HD) connectors on the back of the PC. A third display can be connected using a USB to an external video connector (HD).


Product Dimensions: 25.7 x 18.4 x 3.8 cm 

This product only ships to the contiguous 48 US states.