BioLite PowerLight Bundle

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The Biolite PowerLight Bundle is a combo of the PowerLight and SiteLight. It is the ultimate package of portable lighting and portable power.

  • Your Campground is Lit. Transform your area into a cozy Italian bistro without the pasta. Unless you are making some pasta and if you are, mind if we grab some?
  • Power Up. Recharge your phone or other device via the USB port on the PowerLight.
  • Space Saver. Get the most compact lighting system available.
Light and power are at the center of our homes, giving us the ability to see, connect, and do. BioLite now brings these benefits to off-grid environments with the BioLite PowerLight Bundle, a compact, powerful system of rechargeable lighting and power storage. An advanced energy hub, PowerLight creates shareable power in the palm of your hand while the daisy-chain SiteLight provides a home-like network of lighting never seen before in the outdoors. Whether it is finding your way to a site, cooking a meal in the dark, seeing a friend's face without blinding them, or keeping your electronic gear ready for adventure, the PowerLight Bundle will transform the way you interact with off-grid lighting and charging.

  • Dimensions = 2.22"w x 5.27"h x 1.15"d
  • Weight = 210g
  • Battery = 4400 mAh
  • Input/Output = USB
  • Lantern = 200 lumens for 7 hours
  • Torch = 250 lumens for 8 hours
  • Dimensions Coupled = 2.55"w x 2.09"h x 2.55"d
  • Dimensions Single = 2.55:w x 1.06"h x 2.55"d
  • Weight = 52 grams per light
  • Light Output = 150 lumens per light
  • Light Range = 10 feet in diameter per light