Google Pixel Earbuds

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Rich audio, clear calls, and 5 hour battery. With custom-designed 12 mm dynamic speaker drivers, Google Pixel Buds deliver high-quality audio.


I have to admit it, these Pixel Earbuds are pretty rad. 5-hour battery and an incredible sound. Check out this review from The Verge.

Here is all the info you need on these Pixel Earbuds.

Key Specs
Sound Mode: Stereo
Connection Type: Wireless
Wireless Connectivity Info: Bluetooth
Built-In Microphone: Yes
Carrying Case: Yes
Headphone Fit: In-Ear
Battery Life: 5 hours
Model Number: GA00205
Sound Isolating: No
Integrated Amplifier: Yes
Sound Mode: Stereo
Rechargeable: Yes
Battery Capacity: 120 milliampere-hours
Charging Accessory Included: Cable, Case
Charging Interface: USB

Product Height: 0.8 inches
Product Width: 0.8 inches
Product Depth: 0.8 inches
Product Weight: 0.03 pounds