Yowie Armour - Samsung Galaxy S6 Case and Screen Protector

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This is the perfect screen protector and case for your Samsung Galaxy S6. Protect your phone with Yowie Armour.

Good call on checking out the Samsung Galaxy glass and case. Your phone will soon be safe from scratches and drops.

The problem with phones is that we don't make them, so they aren't rugged and tough like all our other stuff. That's okay though because we do make phone cases and screen protectors that keep your phone safe from scratches and drops.

Don't use a regular phone case and screen protector. You need Yowie Armour to protect your phone from life's accidents and non-accidents (extreme phone pinching is a thing).

The Only Phone Case That Matters
Let's face it, you want some Yowie Armour on your phone. You didn't get the extra insurance for your phone and now you can't take a selfie without holding your phone with both hands. Or even worse, you are afraid to find the right Snapchat filter because last time you swiped your phone clear across the room. These are the challenges we face in this new, tough, cold world. It's all good though, we got you fam.

// Includes

  • Phone Case
  • Screen Protector
  • Wet Cleaning Wipes
  • Dry Cleaning Wipes
  • Instruction Manual
  • Two Outdoor Tech Stickers