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Buckshot Pro - Bluetooth Speaker with Light


Back in the day, when I was a teenager, I rocked the Buckshot while clowning my neighbors. Then I went Pro, had to up my game, protect myself, it was a damn shame. But it wasn't all bad, I swooped a Buckshot Pro, same tight form factor and still mounted...

Chips 2.0 - Bluetooth Helmet Speakers


TBT to when you used to have to carry your MP3 + your ear buds + your smartphone + your walkie-talkie + heated mittens when you would go ride your local hill. Then remember that time when Outdoor Tech® came out with a wireless helmet audio to make your snow...

Big Turtle Shell - Loud Bluetooth Speaker


  Welcome to total sonic freedom Your idea of what a wireless speaker can be just got blasted. We created a new portable rugged, water resistant Bluetooth speaker called the Big Turtle Shell® with huge sound unlike any other. It's massive sound can fill any room, or outside space while...

Buckshot 2.0 - Bluetooth Bike Speaker

From $39.95

Poolside, parkside, trailside, beachside, or rolling a dozen deep with your scooter gang, the Buckshot brings savage sound from a tiny package. Nothing measures up to the Buckshot's ultra-portable, tougher-than-you-are rugged design, and with the Buckshot 2.0, we're pretty much leaving the industry with its shirt pulled over its head,...

Turtle Shell 2.0 - Refurbished

On Sale $49.95
Sale price$79.95

This product has been previously returned to us and refurbished for resale. We have tested this product to make sure it is free from defects and that it functions perfectly before certifying it as refurbished. Refurbished products may be unused customer returns that are essentially "new" items, or they may...

Turtle Shell 3.0 - Waterproof Wireless Speaker

From $99.95

We've been there. Your social calendar is as blank as the stare of a bank teller in a country where you don't speak the language, and your outlook on life is about as positive as 20 years hard labor in a Siberian gulag. You think it'll never be sunny again,...

Turtle Two Pack

Sold Out

Why get 1 Turtle Shell 3.0 when you can get 2? Our scientists have figured out how to get you 2 Turtle Shell 3.0's in one Package. Both Turtle Shell 3.0's are black. Everything you are about to read can be doubled because instead of one Turtle Shell 3.0, you...