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Conquer the Wild with #myODTadventure and Snag that $100 Gift Card!

by Katy Petroff on Oct 31, 2023

Conquer the Wild with #myODTadventure and Snag that $100 Gift Card!

Ready to unleash your inner wild child? Brace yourself because OutdoorTech's #myODTadventure campaign is about to add some sizzle to your outdoor escapades. Get ready to claim your crown as the King or Queen of the outdoors and, oh yeah, win a whopping $100 gift card while you're at it!

What's the Hype with #myODTadventure?

It's all about celebrating the sheer awesomeness of outdoor adventures. Whether you're conquering peaks, biking like you're in a Hollywood chase scene, or simply soaking in that golden hour glow, we want to see it all! It's the playground of adventure, and your passion is the main attraction.

How to Get in the Game and Strike Gold

Entering the #myODTadventure contest is as easy as cracking open a cold one after a long hike. Here's your mission, should you choose to accept it:

  1. Dive headfirst into your outdoor escapade.
  2. Capture the wild and crazy moments with photos or videos.
  3. Unleash your masterpiece on Instagram.
  4. Don't forget to slap on the hashtag #myODTadventure and tag @outdoortech in your caption.

Boom! You're officially a part of our adventure squad.

Hold on to Your Gear! Stickers Galore!

If you're shopping with us between October and December, you're in for a wild ride. Our campaign stickers will be popping up in all of our product orders. So, deck out your gear, because it's about to get sticker-bombed with adventure vibes. And guess what? You don't need our gear to get in on the action. It's all about living your outdoor fantasy, whether you're sporting OutdoorTech gear or not.

Why You Should Join #myODTadventure

- Rub Shoulders with Adventurers: Connect with the coolest community of fellow thrill-seekers. Trust us; it's the best virtual campfire around.

- Be the Catalyst: Your posts could ignite someone else's adventure spark. You're basically a superhero inspiring others to break free and seize the day.

- Cash Prizes? Yes, Please: That's right! A $100 gift card is up for grabs. Hello, shopping spree! 🛒

Monthly Madness!

Here's the deal: we're not stopping at just one winner. Nope, we're choosing a winner each month. So, get ready to kick butt, take names, and cash in on that $100 gift card multiple times.

So, gear up, seize the day, and let your wild side shine with #myODTadventure. Whether you're conquering the wilderness, dancing in the rain, or simply enjoying nature's beauty, let's do it with boldness and a wink at the camera. The great outdoors is your stage; make it legendary! 🌲🌄🚴‍♂️🏞️ #myODTadventure

Pro Tip: Please remember to follow local safety guidelines as you embark on your wild escapades.

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