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For those who see a downpour as a call to play, not to hide. 
For those who feel the rhythm of the earth beneath their feet. 
For those who come alive in the forests, in the mountains, and the open air.

Outdoor tech is here to enhance your adventure, not distract from it.

Life’s for playing. Go forth.


Utilizing a wide range of member companies, The Conservation Alliance funds and partners with grassroots organizations that are working to protect wild places across North America. Outdoor Tech has been a member since 2022 and donates a portion of each sale to The Conservation Alliance. Learn more and support their efforts using the link below.

As the first carbon neutral shipping service in Australia, Canada, and the US, Sendle is leading the way on sustainability in logistics.
Sendle is specifically designed for small business and works hard to reduce direct to consumer shipping's harm on the planet.

High Fives Foundation focuses on preventing life-changing sports injuries and provides resources and hope if they happen. Outdoor Tech has been a long-time member of the foundation and we have been able to support a universal shift in adventure sports that expands what is possible for those who have faced life-changing injuries.


Will my gadgets survive a splash or a downpour?

Are Outdoor Tech products tough enough for extreme adventures?

Can I expect high-quality sound in outdoor settings?

Can one device meet multiple needs?

How do I keep my devices charged during long trips?

How fast is shipping for Outdoor Tech products?


Tyler P.


I’ve been a huge fan of Outdoor Tech’s fuel batteries for years and the latest did not disappoint. The adaptable cord seals the deal on this being a necessity as it can charge virtually any device with one cord. I cannot recommend this enough.

Marcus W.


Chips® 3.0 - Ski Helmet Headphones worked great on my trip to Utah. Battery life was impressive! Sound quality was good. Answered a few phone calls. Easy to install and pair up to my device. Very happy with this purchase!

Teresa W.


Love the turtle!! We use it in the pool everyday! Great sound and more volume than any of our other “outdoor” speakers!!!

John H.


I work trade shows that charge extra for electric hook ups to a booth. This purchase has already paid for itself twice over and this is just the first few events I have had it. Perfect for running my laptop with extra monitors all day.

Allen G.


I had a great time with these! Perfect sound, fit great into my helmet without having to remove the cushion. 100% recommend!