You have questions and we have answers. Here are some frequently asked questions that you may find useful.


How do I get replacement parts?

The Replacement Parts section on our website has all of the replacement parts we offer.


Can I use an Outdoor Tech product to talk on the phone?

Yes, all our Bluetooth products have a built in microphone. So you can absolutely talk on the phone. But who you gonna call? I mean, other than the Ghostbusters.


What is the range of Outdoor Tech Bluetooth products?

Most of our Bluetooth products have a maximum range of around 30 feet. The exact range for a particular product can be found on each product's web page.


What is the battery life of Outdoor Tech products?

It depends on the product. Typically, the bigger products such as the Turtle Shells have a 20-hour battery life per charge. Our headphones such as the Los Cabos and the Chips have around 10-hour battery life. Products that charge such as the Kodiak will have variable battery life depending on what you charge off of it. Product specific details can be found on the products webpage.


Are your products waterproof or sweat-proof?

Our products vary in the level of water resistance. All our products are rated to at least IPX3 or better. However, most of our products are IPX6 or better. Product specific details can be found on the products webpage


What is the difference between the Yowie and the Arctic Yowie?

One will keep you warm. The other will keep you warmer. In more technical terms, the
Arctic Yowie has a fleece extender for that extra warm and cuddly feeling.

Bluetooth and Pairing

What devices do your products work with?

Pretty much any device with Bluetooth technology. So if your laptop, desktop, croptop, carrottop, phone, bone, loan, tablet, phablet, or whatever else has Bluetooth then our stuff should work fine with it.

How do I pair Outdoor Tech products with my iPhone?

First you put our product into pairing mode. For most products press and hold the Multifunction button for 6-8 seconds. If your product does not have a separate power button, from the off position hold down the multifunction button for 6-8 seconds or until the red and blue light flashes. (Product specific details on that can be found in the product's manual.)

Then you search for Bluetooth devices on your phone.

When you see the Outdoor Tech product, connect to it.

That should be it.


Can I pair more than one device at once?

Most of our devices can be paired with multiple devices (example: a phone and a laptop) but only one device can be connected and streaming audio at any given time.

My Chips Ultra aren't pairing with each other.

You may need to reset the Chips Ultra. Check out the procedure here.


Do you ship internationally?

The only country we ship to other than the United States is Canada and we do not offer free shipping to Canada at this time. We do have distributors in many different countries that carry our products. Please email for information about where to purchase internationally. 


How do I track my package?

Check your email! You should find a message there with your receipt and tracking number. If you don't see it at first, check your spam folder. One additional way that you can do it is to log into your account on this website and you will be able to get your tracking number there. If you cannot find it please email and we will assist you!


How fast will I get my order?

Depends where you are and the time of year. Typically, we ship orders within 24-48 business hours upon receipt. You will get it based mostly on the method you choose, where you are relative to New Jersey, and karma. Standard shipping typically comes via USPS. We do offer upgraded UPS 1 and 2-day shipping, please note that this does not include Saturday or Sunday. During peak shopping periods like Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the week before Christmas we see an influx of orders. During these peak times it can take 5 -7 business days to fulfill your order - we get a lot of orders! All things aside, you should get your order within 7 days most of the year. 


Where are you guys located?

Southern California with some friends in New Jersey.


What is your return policy?

Products purchased from are eligible to be returned to OutdoorTech for a refund within 30 days from date of purchase. Refunds are usually processed within 10 business days of receipt at OutdoorTech. OutdoorTech is not responsible for return shipping charges. We also have a one-year warranty against defects for more information on our warranty go here. If you purchased your OutdoorTech product through a certified retailer, please follow their return policy for refunds.

Do you offer price protection?

Products purchased from are eligible for price protection* for 14 days from purchase. If you see the price lowered within the 14 day window from purchase, email for a price adjustment. We do not offer price protection on orders that were purchased with a free gift.


Other Stuff

Can I kick it?

Yes, you can.


How do I live a fruitful life?

That one may be up to you, my friend. But hey. Here's to you... to the sun in your face and the wind in your sails.


How do I get sponsored by Outdoor Tech?

You should email


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