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What does MFi-Certified mean and why does it matter?

by ODT Brand on Aug 26, 2022

What does MFi-Certified mean and why does it matter?

When you buy a new Apple® iPhone, iPad or iPod, it includes a USB-to-Lightning cable. But like a lot of people, you might want some longer, more rugged cables. Or a few backup cables to keep in vehicles, on a desk, or at the kitchen counter.

If you’re considering a new charging cable, read on—because the cable you buy can either make life easier… or turn it into a nightmare.

To get the best charging cable for your Apple® device, look for "MFi-Certified"

MFi Certified stands for “Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad,” which are all Apple® products that use “USB-to-Lightning” prongs, including Apple AirPods and Powerbeats Pro. Producers of accessories for those devices, like Outdoor Tech, must go through a stringent program to have their products approved by Apple®. 

It’s a certification that’s earned and not given out willy-nilly. That MFi-Certified badge assures customers that the accessories will perform safely and efficiently with your expensive Apple® devices.

Non-MFi-Certified cables can damage your Apple® device

Remember one simple thing: If a cable isn’t MFi-Certified, it can do a number on your iPhone, iPad or iPod. At the very least, it can scratch the interior contacts within your charging port. This can create charging inefficiencies or even render the port useless. Inferior cables can also cause your Apple® device to overheat. And that’s bad. Lastly, pairing a non-certified cable can damage the cable itself.

Look for the MFi-Certified badge

The foolproof way to ensure that you’ve selected the proper cable for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod is to look at the package or product description and make sure it bears the MFi badge. If you’re shopping at an Apple® store, you can be assured that everything in there is compatible. However, when shopping at Outdoor Tech or other retailers, make sure you see MFi represented in the product write-up.

“MFi badges communicate to customers that an accessory has been certified by the developer to meet Apple performance standards.”

Avoid convenience store cables

Even if you’re in a bind for a cable, you’re likely to get a dud at a gas station or fly-by-night store. They’ll charge you an arm and a leg, too, for the convenience. Just be smart, because damaging your gear is a risk you don’t have to take.

Go long and get lit

Once you’ve found an MFi-Certified charging cable brand, you’ll have options. Short cords, long ones, colorful cables, stealthy gray, round, flat, you name it. Two options nobody has ever regretted are long and illuminated. 

Having a longer cable, say 6-1/2 feet, is convenient (like the Calamari Ultra and Calamari 4.0). You’ll no longer be tethered to a short leash. If a pal in the back seat during a road adventure needs to plug in, no problem. Just flip him back the wire.

LED illumination in your charging cable is an excellent feature, especially when the illumination serves as a built-in charge indicator (see the Glowworm cable, Calamari Glow cable, Transcendent cable or Celestial cable). When the Apple® device drinks in current, the charging cable glows. Once the device says, "OK, I'm full," the light goes out. Pretty slick!

Hey, thanks for reading today. Hopefully, this MFi-Certified information was really useful to you. Stay in charge!

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