Speaker for Buckshot Pro

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Grab this speaker for your Buckshot Pro and you will forever be changed. From now on you will measure time as follows: Pre-additional Buckshot Pro speaker and post-additional Buckshot Pro speaker.

Have you ever wanted to ditch the light on your Buckshot Pro for a little more sound? Well, the time for rejoicing is here. We have this nifty little speaker to plug into your Buckshot Pro where the light normally goes.

Don't throw your light away, you still need that! Maybe you should put that light in your fanny pack and pop on the speaker for a little more audio sharing.

Adding the speaker attachment to the Buckshot Pro enables true stereo sound (right channel and left channel audio). So now you can really hear your favorite stereo-mixed music in all its stereophonic glory. Your bike ride, hike, or kayak ride will never be the same. 

Just remember, this is for the Buckshot Pro, not the Buckshot Pro Ultra.