Suction Cup Mount for Turtle Shell or Buckshot

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Original MSRP: $29.95

If you were to have a dream about the perfect suction cup, this is probably what you’d picture. The best-inclass suction clamp will secure your Turtle Shell to your SUP like honey on a hot biscuit.


So, you got the Turtle Shell 3.0 and obviously your mind is blown but what are you going to do when your paddleboard goat yoga class needs a soundtrack?

That’s where the Suction Cup comes in and saves the day. Just use the 1/4” - 20 mount for the Turtle Shell 3.0 and then use the super-secure Suction Cup to attach to your paddleboard. Now your SUP sessions can be accompanied by your favorite audio book.

Or maybe you are going on that Kayak fishing trip down the LA river and you want to blast some nature sounds. Let’s face it, there isn’t much nature to be had along the LA river. Unless graffiti and trash are a part of nature, I don’t think so. Maybe you should rethink that trip.

Don’t forget that the Buckshot 2.0 has a 14”-20 mount on it too. So, maybe if the Turtle Shell 3.0 is too loud for you, just use the Buckshot 2.0.

  • Large suction surface area for maximum suction.
  • Easy to use, secure suction lock.
  • Multi-angle positioning system for your device.